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Motto: “The artist is nothing without the gift, but the gift is nothing without work”

Émile Zola

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A vital aspect of my work involves guiding aspiring or developing musicians and passing on some of my extensive experience as a chamber musician and soloist.

Through many years of private teaching in the form of violin lessons and coaching with children, teenagers and adults, I have drawn upon the many methodologies I have encountered in my own studies to develop my own approach to teaching.

Alongside questions of musical understanding and playing technique, this approach focuses on teaching a range of practice methods that help students to master the trickier aspects of the instrument more quickly. The goal here is to enable musicians to express themselves freely by having the greatest possible control over the instrument.

In my teaching, artistic expression coupled with the pleasure of playing and practice always has top priority.
Another important aspect for me is to cultivate a friendly and pleasant relationship with my students and to cater to their individual goals.

Whether private lessons, coaching or preparation for examinations and competitions, I would be delighted to help you progress!